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Product Offering


High-performance servo drives with features to meet most customers’ demands, including:

  • Stand-alone drive with built-in motion controller to handle many tasks, including point-to-point motion, indexing, interpolated motion, winder/unwinder, rotary cutter, etc.
  • +/- 10 volt analog input with encoder output simulation for control from an external motion controller
  • State-of-the-art auto-tuning functions that allow the drive to develop a comprehensive model for most servo motors, leading to the a highly responsive control for the motor
  • Several motor feedback options including resolver, incremental and absolute encoder, encoder TTL, encoder hiperface, and Endat BISS
  • Communications options, including EtherNet IP, ProfiNet, EtherCat, Profibus, DeviceNet, and CanOpen
  • Wide range of sizes from 0.4kW up to 250kW.

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High-performance servo motors for applications requiring high-dynamic response

  • High torque, low rotor inertia motors
  • Samarium-cobalt and neodymium magnet options
  • Wide range of sizes and power from < 1Nm to more than 400Nm

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